Doug Biggs, Attorney

Doug Biggs is a Managing Partner and Founder of Longo Biggs, LC. He was born and raised in St. Louis, growing up in both the city and county areas. Mr. Biggs received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, with a minor in Business, from Missouri Valley College. While in college, he was a four year scholarship member of the men’s basketball team.

Mr. Biggs received his Juris Doctor from the Saint Louis University School of Law. While in law school he was active in the Student Bar Association. Mr. Biggs received the “Excellence Award” for his performance in Criminal Procedure. He was also active in Saint Louis University’s Legal Clinic, where he worked in the Appellate Practice Group. Mr. Biggs obtained concentrations in Tax, Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense. While in law school, Mr. Biggs interned at a general practice firm in St. Louis City, where he helped defend serious criminal prosecutions, as well as assist clients in personal injury claims. He is a member of the Bar Association and licensed to practice in Missouri.

Throughout his career, Mr. Biggs has had experience in a wide range of legal matters, ranging from serious criminal charges to negotiations with Fortune 500 companies. On the criminal side, Mr. Biggs has experience defending serious criminal charges at trial. He has successfully helped obtain many “Not Guilty” verdicts, including a murder trial. High stakes trials with an individual’s freedom on the line require a meticulous focus and relentless effort in breaking down every last detail to successfully weaken the case of the prosecution. Mr. Biggs believes this approach can be used to successfully defend all criminal prosecutions, from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies.

Mr. Biggs also has experience in fighting for individuals in personal injury, accident, and products liability cases. In most instances, individuals are up against large insurance companies whose entire goal is to limit the amount of damages you are awarded. Mr. Biggs competitive nature has driven him to never back down from these opponents, and will not allow an insurance company to minimize compensation for an accident victim. Through past negotiations and additional research, Mr. Biggs knows the tricks and ploys large insurance companies will attempt to use during settlement.

In his free time, Doug likes to spend time with his long-time girlfriend, Dawn, and visit with family and friends. He remains competitive participating in multiple softball and basketball leagues.