Business Contracts

Many young companies, small business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs believe they can draft their own contracts and agreements simply by searching the internet for templates or by purchasing a “customized” template through an online document service. This method of document development is dangerous and potentially a huge liability. What seems like a cost-effective method can quickly turn into a mistake that costs your business everything. We protect business owner’s finances and rights. The importance of having favorable business contracts cannot be overstated. We have seen how small clauses in a contract can decide millions of dollars.

We understand that document preparation and review can seem like a large cost you can avoid by doing the work yourself, especially newer companies that may not have many resources. However, we will work with you to make sure the costs are reasonable and affordable.

Contract and Document Preparation, Review and Consultation

Businesses of all sizes enter into agreements with vendors, employees, and customers. A contract is more than just a promise — it’s a legal obligation. LongoBiggs, LC provides services throughout the entire life of a contract including the drafting, review, and enforcement. Below is a list of just some of the contract we specialize in:


Master Service Agreements                           Purchase and Sale Agreements                           Settlement and Release Agreements

Consulting Services Contracts                        Letters of Intent                                                     Strategic Alliance Agreements

Work Contracts                                                 Confidentiality Agreements                                 Non-Circumvent Agreements

Employment Contracts                                    Independent Contractor Agreements                Shareholder Agreements

Lease Agreements                                            Easements                                                              Term Sheets

Financing Proposals                                         Conveyance of Interest                                         Option Agreements

Financing and Participation Agreement       Information Exchange Agreements                    Non-Compete Agreements

Contract Disputes and Breach of Contract

Contract disputes occur frequently and are very common. Each party in a contract has certain rights. When contractual obligations go unfulfilled, one party has a legal right to bring a claim against the other. The St. Louis contract attorneys of LongoBiggs, LC represent those who wish to pursue litigation against a defaulting party and those parties who are being sued for breach of contract. We’ll evaluate and interpret your documents to show breach-of-contract and will seek compensation for you or aggressively disprove any invalid claims brought against you.